Starlight Glimmer is a unicorn mare.

Starlight Glimmer

Appearance Edit

Starlight Glimmer has an average pony-build, pink fur, light blue eyes and a purple and aqua striped curly mane and tail.

Her cutie mark is two aqua swirls and a purple star.

Early Life Edit

Filly Starlight

When Starlight was a filly, her best friend was a colt named Sunburst, who she envied because he was better at magic than her. She also wore her mane in pigtails. When he left down to celebrate his cute-Centara, she gave up trying to make friends and got rather against cutie marks so when she grew up, she moved to a village where she removed the cutie marks of all the ponies.

Personality Edit

Nowadays, Starlight Glimmer (or "Starlight" for short) is remorseful for her actions but a bit fearful of socialisation. However, Twilight Sparkle is now her mentor and is helping her become better at making friends. She has also reconciled her friendship with Sunburst.