Rainbow Dash is a pegasus mare who represents the Element of Loyalty.

Rainbow Dash

Appearance Edit

Rainbow Dash is light blue with pink eyes, a rainbow-striped mane and tail (which she wears down) and a cutie mark of a cloud with a rainbow lightning bolt.

Personality Edit

Rainbow Dash is very loyal (hence being the Element of Loyalty), and is also very brave and always ready for an adventure. She has a high opinion of herself (which sometimes comes off as arrogant) and calls herself awesome. Rainbow Dash is also very athletic, being able to run and fly very fast (she flies fast enough to be able to break the sound barrier!) and very strong. She also has a competitive side, as seen in "Fall Weather Friends". She sometimes is embarrassed about her self-image (like in "Read it and Weep") but usually, she's very confident. Since Read It and Weep, she became a fan of the Daring Do series. She considers high emotions soppy and finds it embarrassing if she's expressing them or if someone else expresses them in public.

Early Life Edit

Filly Rainbow Dash

She attended the same flight school as Fluttershy, where three colts used to bully both fillies, calling Rainbow Dash "Rainbow Crash" and claiming that Fluttershy could hardly fly. One time, to stand up to Fluttershy, the young Rainbow Dash raced the bullies, but in the process, they knocked Fluttershy to the ground, where she (Fluttershy) befriended some animals. Rainbow Dash won the race and created a sonic rainboom, which earned her her cutie mark, scared some animals, inspired Pinkie Pie to have her first party, powered up Twilight (which led to Twilight getting her cutie mark and Spike hatching), split open a rock revealing gems for Rarity to find, and coincidentally lit up Sweet Apple Acres, causing Applejack to come home and earn her cutie mark. She was also the first one in her class to get her cutie mark, Fluttershy being the second. As a young filly, she used to carry the Cloudsdale flag for Sports' Day.

When she flew for the first time, she broke a lamp, and she grew her first tooth while eating an apple.

As a young filly, she found it embarrassing when her parents cheered at her for losing (possibly due to thinking they were too emotional), and when her talents started showing, she continued to find it embarrassing despite it making more sense. The parents also took pride in her babyhood for being good at eating carrots, taking baths and napping.

When she first heard ghost stories, she was scared, but around Scootaloo's age she outgrew her fears and became tough because she knew that if the creatures in the stories existed, she could take them on.