Ponysneeze is an anonymous author who got their fame from mlpchan in the Pony Sneeze Threads.  They are among the most well known authors in the community, and distribute their work through Pastebin.


Ponysneeze's life is a mix of both busy and slow, and comes at spurts.  "During slow times I write stories to entertain myself," explains Ponysneeze, "during busy times I write to relax."  Ponysneeze is male.

Ponysneeze prefers female sneezing over male, and that can be seen in their writing as nearly all their material is female.  They like writing ponies, anthro, and Equestria Girls/Human stories.  They also prefer allergies to colds and illness.

Their favorite stories they have written as of May 2014 are "Zecora Makes Sneezing Powder" and "Spitfire's Allergies."