Mrs Cake, first name Cup, although as a filly, she was Chifonne Swirl, whether or not she changed her name or if "Cup" is a nickname is unknown, is an Earth mare and the mother of Pound Cake and Pumpkin Cake and wife of Mr Carrot Cake.

Cup Cake

Appearance Edit

Mrs Cake is medium blue with a pink, swirly, striped mane and tail and a cutie mark of three pink-iced chocolate cupcakes. She is a bit chubbier than most ponies, similar to Big Mac in build. She wears a frilly pink and yellow top and pink earrings.

Personality Edit

Mrs Cake is very friendly and a good friend, wife and mother. She's also a very good baker.

Earlier Life Edit

As a filly, she was very good friends with Pear Butter, who taught her how to bake, which earned her her cutie mark.

In her teens, she went to surprise Pear Butter with a cake and found out that she was dating Bright Macintosh.