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This is the place to find writers, artists, and other sneeze fetish-related material in one convenient place! This forum was founded by members of PSF (Personal Sneeze Forum). Don't be afraid to add new items to our wiki! Any contributions are greatly appreciated!

PSF Updates

PSF is currently offline due to a 522 error. It has been ongoing since around noon June 22. As of June 23, 12:30am, the site is still offline. Our hosting company is having server wide issues and they have told all their clients they are working to resolve the issue. It is unknown at the moment when the site will be online, but when we receive updates, we will share it here. (June 23 12:40am)

PSF Currently down as of Feb 17, 2020. We are transitioning to a new server host. Could take anywhere from 24hrs to 72hrs. Stay tuned here for updates. (3:07pm)

PSF 2.0 has been released to the public. The website can be found here: PSF Forum. The link in "Things to Explore" has also been edited to redirect to the new website. - Jan/22/16.

PSF was shut down by ProBoards for unknown reasons on December 23rd, 2015. Staff had been trying to make progress with Proboards staff, but to no avail as ProBoards wouldn't even answer why or give reasons for the shut down. Original PSF staff have already said a new purpose built PSF will be built, but have given no direct time line except for being, "after the holidays." - Dec/24/15.



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