Grape Kitty
Courtesy of AnyPoneDrawn
Artist Details
Artist Type Writer
Artist Level Hobbyist
Artist Status Active
Aliases Grape
Gender Male
Residence West Cost, USA
Other Information Loves kittens
Grapefoot is an anonymous writer best known for their pony sneeze stories they distribute through Pastebin.


Grapefoot is a male author from the United States of America. He's known to have an adoration for kittens, and a love for hot coco.

Writing StyleEdit

I am a male from the US of A. I like females and their sneezes. Guy sneezes are . . . no.

I am a big fan of Ponysneeze's work. They are probably what inspired me the most to write more pony sneeze material. I like to think of them as the author I strive to be, but never can. We are both totally different and I am fine with that. They have polish and prime. I am more brash.

Little known facts about me, like trivia for fun? Hmmm…. I had a pet fish named Grape once. I have a happy career. My name came from no where, except the Grape part that came from my fish, which was purple. It lived for three years. I enjoy fishing. I know, a lot of fish related trivia.