Derpy Hooves, also known as Muffins or Ditzy Doo is a pegasus mare and the sister of Dinky.

Appearance Edit

Derpy has a yellow mane and tail in a style similar to Rainbow Dash's. She has grey fur, yellow eyes that focus in different directions, and a cutie mark of some bubbles. Her height, weight and shape are average.

Personality Edit

She is a mail carrier, as shown in one of the comics. She is very clumsy, often breaking things unintentionally, and is also known for liking muffins. She's also helpful, as shown when she offered help to Rainbow Dash in "The Last Roundup".

Trivia Edit

  • She was named by the fans after the word "derp" which is associated with cross-eyes and with messing things up, two of Derpy's main characteristics.

Gallery Edit

Filly Derpy