Big McIntosh, also known as Big Mac, is an Earth stallion and the grandson of Granny Smith, cousin of Babs Seed, Sunflower and Braeburn, nephew of the Oranges, great-nephew of Honeycomb and Needle, and older brother of Applejack and Apple Bloom.

Big McIntosh

Appearance Edit

As his name suggests, he is bigger than most ponies. He has red fur, freckles, an orange mane, a short orange tail, yellow hooves, and a cutie mark of half a granny-smith apple. He also wears a yoke all the time.

Personality Edit

Big Mac is very kind, patient and strong, which makes him very good at farm work. He is a good listener, but hardly says anything other than "yup" or "nope". He can also be shy.

Early Life Edit

Colt Big Mac

When he was a colt, he would talk a lot more but he'd also listen less. He still valued honesty as much as he does today, though. After the events of "Where the Apple Lies", he felt he'd talked too much and listened too little, so he promised to talk less and listen more. When Apple Bloom was a toddler, he would entertain her by making a small propeller fly. Also, the reason he wears his yoke is apparently related to why he calls himself "Big", why the trees are so big, and how he got his cutie mark.